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Condo Association Claims


Condominium associations claim disputes present a different set of challenges for those dealing with the fallout of experiencing property loss in this unique situation. At L & M Public Adjusters, we understand the challenges that condo associations face when dealing with a claim dispute, and we are ready to represent and make sense of it all when no one else appears to be. Whether it is a new claim or a reopened claim that was not resolved to your satisfaction, L & M Public Adjusters is here to help.

With policies that seem to be always changing and language that makes it sometimes difficult for those in the associations to understand, condo property damage claims can go unresolved for months or even years without the right people having a look. The public adjusters at L & M Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of condominium association insurance policy. From weather damage to fire, we will ensure that your association will receive the necessary amount for repairs and the compensation that you are entitled to.

Why Hire L & M Public Adjusters?


At L & M Public Adjusters, we are knowledgeable, accurate and timely, our adjusters understand the ins and outs of the insurance claims process and they know what to do to get as much as possible for your settlement.

  • Comprehensive support and representation from start to finish. At L & M Public Adjusters, we give you our very best from damage onset to claim settlement.

  • Access to the latest software and equipment in the industry. We use the latest technology at our disposal to assess all damages and evaluate all parts of the claim.

  • Accurate and expert property appraisals that can ensure a much better outcome for your claim.

  • Licensed professionals ready to put their knowledge to work. We work diligently as licensed professionals to help you level the playing field on your claims processing and ensure that you receive a fair and equitable result.


Call Us for Your Free Consultation Today!


At L & M Public Adjusters, we represent damage victims in Rhode Island. Let us work on your claim to get the results that you deserve.

Our Public Adjusters Are Licensed To Assist Businesses & Residents In All of Rhode Island, Including Such Areas As:
  • Providence

  • Cranston

  • Newport

  • South Kingstown

  • Woonsocket

  • Narragansett

  • Warwick

  • Westerly

And All of Connecticut, Including Such Areas As:
  • New London

  • Stonington

  • Norwich

  • Plainfield

  • Putnam

  • Hartford

  • Middletown

  • West Haven

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