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Our Team of Experts Help You Get What Insurance Companies Miss

Why Hire L & M Public Adjusters?

At L & M Public Adjusters, we have a team of insurance consultants that are knowledgeable experts with years of experience in the claims settlement process, giving us the understanding of how the insurance world can work against you during claims processing.

  • Comprehensive support and representation from start to finish. At L & M Public Adjusters, we give you our very best from damage onset to claim settlement.

  • Access to the latest software and equipment in the industry. We use the latest technology at our disposal to assess all damages and evaluate all parts of the claim.

  • Accurate and expert property appraisals that can ensure a much better outcome for your claim.

  • Licensed professionals ready to put their knowledge to work. We work diligently as licensed professionals to help you level the playing field on your claims processing and ensure that you receive a fair and equitable result.

Get Better Results and Ease Your Stress



Oftentimes, after an accident or catastrophe, a victim will immediately seek financial help from their insurance company. At L & M Public Adjusters, we understand the urge to file a claim quickly, and though we’ll gladly re-evaluate an offered settlement, we urge you to seek our guidance before filing a claim. This simple decision could increase your settlement amount by thousands of dollars. Often, claims are filed incorrectly or are lacking the persuasive physical inventory to fully represent your claim. Our experienced experts will provide accurate appraisals of all damaged property and negotiate your awarded sum to the best possible outcome with your insurance company. By coming to L & M Public Adjusters first, you can rest assured that everything will be handled right the first time.

Comprehensive Representation

Having worked with both insurance companies and national disaster teams has given L & M Public Adjusters the unique advantage of understanding the difficult and often long-winded process of filing a claim from both the company’s and the client’s side. It’s an advantage that truly gives L & M Public Adjusters the edge over other firms, especially in the cases of natural disasters and catastrophic loss, when business and home owners can be easily slighted out of receiving fair compensation by big insurance companies.

At L & M Public Adjusters: We are passionate about policyholders. We will do our best and give our all to ensure that you receive a fair, rightful settlement.

Our Public Adjusters Are Licensed To Assist Businesses & Residents In All of Rhode Island, Including Such Areas As:

  • Providence

  • Cranston

  • Newport

  • South Kingstown

  • Woonsocket

  • Narragansett

  • Warwick

  • Westerly

  • Block Island

And All of Connecticut, Including Such Areas As:

  • New London

  • Stonington

  • Norwich

  • Plainfield

  • Putnam

  • Hartford

  • Middletown

  • West Haven

L & M Public Adjusters Is At Your Service!

Call Us At 401-486-9723

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